Presentation Guide

 So everyone knows that I love to change my presentation & that I make presentations very well. So I'll give you some tips here, but I still think that I can teach you anything that you don't already know :P

Well if you wonder how to get a black background for your presentation, I'll tell ya. It's easy and everyone can do it, but it maybe don't work for somebody.. Well, all of my presentations I usually make in Word 2007. And there you can pick background for your presentation (it can be any color not just black)..

You see that in red circle? Well click on it and choose the color you want. Then just write your presentation and when you done, highlight it all, click, keep it PRESSED than just drag into your stardoll presentation editor; but be sure your presentation editor is opened... To see how to do that click HERE and watch the video made by Shakira_Avril. So that's how to make presentation with black background. More tips soon.

By: AnjaAngel