Stardoll Research

Hello! It's Stardoll Detective-Ruzicanstvena! :)
So,I've been doing some research about the Stardoll History & that was my first case!
Here is the story:
Stardoll's original name was PaperdollHeaven [ - the site still excists] ..
It was founded by a woman called Liisa in 2002! Liisa loved paperdolls when she was little girl ,
so she decided to create a site about these dolls! PaperDollHeaven didn't function well,cause it was
just an ordinary site with some dolls to dress up..The Site staied more than one and a half year ,but
everyone was concerned about it's future.. Then they came up with a new idea & Stardoll was born!
Stardoll was officially opened in 2004.. [Noone knows the exact date of "Stardoll's birth"] Stardoll was much better-everyone could join free and be part of the site,but they came with another great idea-Superstars!Superstars- Dolls who have more oppurtunities,more options & things which will make them different from the others..

That's it from the Stardoll History,but I also started to look for another things-like the first member here-On Stardoll! Noone really knows who is the first member,but I discovered one girl-Her nick is Skye87  The Girls joined back in 2002! It was really exciting for me when I saw this ! but there is some kind of confuse on Stardoll. Until recently , everybody thought that Callie.Stardoll was the forst member because of her id code! her id code is 1 ! But I discovered that Callie.Stardoll has even TWO of this id codes! Look at this adresses:
If you click on every of these two , you'll magically come to Callie.Stardoll's suite!
So I wrote to Stardoll Staff about this things and they answered me! Here is the proof!

But now-Stardoll is making a NEW SITE! Look at this : ! The Brand New Stardoll Network! It's gonna be opened soon!
Hope you liked my first case! ;D
I thought that it would be good if Stardoll members could know a little bit more about Stardoll's History !
Please,comment! :)
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