Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another glitch?

Yesterday I visited anita_o and I opened her closet.. Than I saw this: ;O (click on picture to see beter)

Weird, huh? It writes "Philosophy Devore Prrint Dress" and there is a huge ELLE logo.. ;o :P


Free Simple Dress

Go to proxy like: or

In proxy's blank box copy/paste:

Click "GO" or hit enter.

Login to stardoll!!

Wait a while. Than close proxy's window and go to stardoll as usual. It schold be in your suite :DD

AnjaAngel | Anja

GameZone + spoilers

Hm... New store? Probably.. It's called GameZone.
I guess it will be released soon.,. Here are some other spoilers:

Probably from GameZone.. What do you think?

(thanks to TheStardollInsiders for pictures:))

Free Saturdays Dress

Just Log-in to stardoll cilick HERE and enter the contest! :D


Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello Kitty items :)

They're available now. So everyone can get them. There are only 2 things for SS (yellow starts are next to them) and everything else is for non SS! It's not expensive at all. This is the thing we were all waiting for :DD :P

To get them in your dressing room click HERE
Do you like them? Will you buy some?

Thanks to Underneath Stardoll for picture :)

AnjaAngel ♥

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Selena Gomez Look :)

Well I was bored so I decided to make an outfit inspired by some celeb. And I found one outfit from Selena Gomez which would look good here on Stardoll. It's simple but pretty. Take a look:

It's not totally non-SS (just jeans are for SS) but you can find jeans like that which are for non-SS too (I picked these because they look very similar).. T-Shirt and shoes are for non-SS and they both cost 4$! This outfit is not expensive and everyone can wear it!

Hope you guys liked it :)


Must See Outfit :P

Well I haven't had time to find must see album or scenery so I found the must see outfit.
livvilola123 has made an amazing outfit., It's very colorful, nice and creative. Take a look

Isn't it nice? :P livvilola123
(click on her name to visit her) :DD

Hope you guys like it. More "must see" posts comming soon :)

AnjaAngel | Anja♥

Pretty similar?! ;DD

So I was searching the net and I found this:

Similar, I mean the same.. :P Really cute :)


Starpoint tree ?!!?

I was visiting RC suites and I visited Aly (or AJ; they are both the same to me ;P).. And I found out that their starpoint tree looks like this: (click on picture if you wanna see better)

Kinda weird for tree with more than 2000sp, huh?
Do you maybe know why?



Hey Guys. Sorry for not posting for such a long time. Anway..
Today I logged in to one of many accounts of mine and this message appeared..

Click on picture to see better. I'm kinda confused ^^ Maybe it was a mistake.. What do you think?


Thursday, September 23, 2010

CG or CG? - A Biig Question!

A Boy OR a GirL? - Today's CoverGIRL's : pychu_06 ..
At first I thought : A boy won a CoverGIRLship & then I went to his/her suite there was NO info about his/her sex..
Also in GB of our CG/CB there are lots of questions like this :
But there is something that reveals who he/she is..Well ,at least I think there is..
I looked at his Beauty Parlor & seen that his/her Me Doll has a MALE face .. Also the body of a doll is MALE...
And one more thing..In his 'QuickFacts' thingy there is a picture of Zac Effron..So I guess we can conclude that his/her MeDoll IS a Boy..But we can never reveal who is sitting in the computer chair & playing with a Male account.. A Boy or a Girl? It's a question that can stay mistery forever..Unless he/she reveals to us who he/she really is..

& As I always do..when I research the CG things-I looked at tha Top Broadcasters.. I won't tell you who wa the TOP one.. You can see that yourself:
I guess that's it..We have our CB (CoverBoy) - Mistery SOLVED!
P.S. What do you think of that?

Ruzicanstvena's Researches ;D

Soon - New posts about StardollRares :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ohh..Not AGAIN! Stardoll is updating CooL New Features ,& It has gone mad AGAIN! xD
So I guess I'll have to wait for the 'New Cool Features' to update themselves.. Hope that'll be soon...Ruzicanstvena ;D

Front Row..

IS OUT! The new Store in StarPlaza! What do you think of it? I think it's Ok..Nothing pecial ,but not bad.. Here's the picture of it in SP:Tell us in Comments! Please write something ;D

Ruzicanstvena ;D

Sunday, September 19, 2010

CG twice? - Countinued Research!

Has anyone every done that in Stardoll CG History? As I know - NO!
At first I taught: " It must be some Stardoll Glitch or something - Again!
But then I saw this :Ok it's not day-after-day,but it still is 2010-09-17- 2010-09-19 ! For two days - flomachine - The apsolutely AMAZING girl with unique ,fashionable & different style has won a CG 1st Place! In the past posts I determined that she hasn't been sending broadcasts & won her ladyship cause of that! She won it on proper & honest way ,so today I checked broadcasts AGAIN & I didn't find anything - NO her name , neither once!She even wrote this in her presentation : "Thank you all! *_* " Really deserved to be a Covergirl even twice! :) Cograts ! (:

Ruzicanstvena's Researches :)
Hope you liked it!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Leaving Stardoll ?!

Today I found this in Miss_LolitaF's presentation :

If you didn't heard of her (Miss_LolitaF - click on her name to go to her suite) she was the owner of famous BBS (Big Brother Stardoll) project & owner of a blog : .. In fact she was very successful! She had everything,but still she decided to leave Stardoll..
"Today I decided to leave Stardoll, I am leaving because I want to foccus more on my life, my school, my family, my friends and not on Stardoll which is very addicting" - those are her words saying why she left Stardoll in a post on her blog (TSS).. Very sad ,but true..Some day we will all have to leave Stardoll cause we'll have to grow up & live our life beside this Virtual one..
Until then ,
Have fun & Make New Friendships & don't think about the future too soon,
Life is NOW!

Ruzicanstvena ;)

HB's Pocket Watch out ! :)

As you can see on this picture - The HB's Pocket Watch is out - It costs only 5 $ (Ofc. for Ss) .. I like it! :) I would buy it If i were a Ss.. Wbu? Would you buy it?

Ruzicanstvena ;)

Free 60's Dress!

Go to Poland web proxy like
In the blank URL box copy/paste stardoll link:

Click GO or just hit Enter on keyboard

Login to stardoll

Now on the proxies URL box copy/paste:

Click Go, Wait till page loads

Leave the proxy & Go to stardoll as usual

Dress should be in your suite♥

Anja :)

Spoilers :)

These are some spoilers for today! Do you like them? They are very colorful ;D


Friday, September 17, 2010

I was doing a quick research! :) ;)


Today - Our CoverGirl is flomachine! She really deservs to be Covergirl! :) If you visit her (which you can do by clicking on her name in the recent sentance ) you'll see that she has a very different,unique & her own style which is very interesting too! Her suite is very cool & different then the usual ones & the outfit is really brilliant! The Girl is just unique and special on her own way! And guess what? I couldn't help ,but wonder: 'Did she sent many broadcasts?Did she win her CG prize by sending broadcasts?Is she one of "those girls"? ' So , I researched - and watched broadcasts for a while & I discovered that she didn't send 1 broadcast to make ppl vote for her! For the last 10 pages of Stardoll Broadcast History her name didn't show neither once.. That proves that she won this ladyship of CoverGirl on pure & honest way..She is one of that girls who are modest ,but know that they have to show this world what they've got! Congratulations from one's heart! :) YOU deserve it! I hope that there are more such a talented,fashionable & unique girls on this world! (I know there are!)

And there is something more! I looked for the 2nd & 3rd place of CoverGirl & discovered that they're : summer-muffin-2nd place-(The Girl that was already a CG - once-2010-08-23)

& nats_1624 -3rd place- ( The 2nd TOP BROADCASTER - I looked at the table)So.. I really dislike the girls who become CoverGirls only cause they're sending broadcasts! CoverGirls should be the girls who are fashionable,stylish,unique on their own way ,but also different & cool like todays one : flomachine who can wear - with proud- lable : I'm the CoverGirl & who can have the trophy in her suite on which stand the greatest words of Stardoll & a dream of all Girls here on Stardoll : COVERGIRL!

Ruzicanstvena :) Hope you liked it! ;)

Free "Fish Cooks" Aquarium

People from USA should get it with just logging in.

For those who are not from USA:

1. Go
to USA proxy like
2. In the proxy's URL bar copy/paste:

3. Click GO or hit enter

4. Login to Stardoll

5. Than just leave the proxy, and go to stardoll as usual

You should get it♥


2 New Floors in Moral Kiss

Two New Floors Arrived In Moral Kiss! Do you like 'em?

Some Are for SS and some are not... Opinons?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Glow is OUT!

Well..I like them .. They're unusuaal & soo CooL! :D And they aren't expensivee..Soo. better buy them before they're gone ;)

HotBuys bag is out! :D

So new HB bag is out. Rio, 6$. Not expensive. And nice. Are you going to buy it? I already did :)


Hello again :P

Well.. Sorry for not posting for a long time, I was just too busy with school (we all were), and there wasnt that much news so yea. But from now on I'll keep you in touch with everything. Ok?

See ya soon with new posts.. :D

Love, Anja♥

Monday, September 13, 2010

LE SOLD out!

Well..It came fast & it was gone fast! This collection was really (in my opinion) one of their's BEST! It was not so expensive & yet it had GREAT things to buy & it was an EXCLUSIVE & NOT-missing opurtunity for the 'collectors' of Stardoll Rares & RL Brands! I'm gonna miss 'em ! :'(
Did you buy anything? :) Tell me!

September PLay & earn Doll!

Look at this cutie here !Yepp - That's going to be our next doll for Play & Earn! Did you get it? I didn't- yet ,but I'm surtantly going to! ;D

Free Saturdays Shoes

So , you just need to click HERE & enter The Comp ( The Answers don't have to be correct) .. & then you'll have these Free Saturday Shoes (You'll get them in a gift in your suite) :
They 're nice so hurry up! Don't miss 'em!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mortal Kiss Mistery + Buildings NOT opened?

Well - There's a New Chapter at Mortal Kiss's page at Stardoll! It's called Man In Shadows & the Story is getting more mysterious!There is something weird & odd about this hall thing! But I guess we'll have to wait for the next chapters to find out & discover this Mistery!
Also , when you look at The Map The Winter Mill High School & MK Mall should be opened at September the 10th-& if you look at today's date you'll discovver that today - It's 12th September! But they're not! Look:
And what about the Secret Messages? The first one was : Strange events are here when the paw prints appear! And in the Help Section it shows that the 2nd message should show at September the 9th! Look at the Proof :
What do you think about this little "Confusion"? Should I write to the Stardoll Staff?!