Friday, October 29, 2010

Yayy! 80 milions members!!!!

Yaay! Isn't it great!? Stardoll actally HAS 8O milion users. 
Whoa. Congratulations.
Gifts? I still didn't get them. Probably because stardoll has just reached 80.000.000 members.
Well anyway.. What do you think? :))

AnjaAngel | Anja

Friday, October 22, 2010

Our New Partner! :)

Yepp! :)) We have a partner - and it's TSF - The Stardoll Free!
The owner(missSlijepcevic - Contact her on Stardoll if you wanna ask her something about her blog!) is my good friend although I met her recently..Her blog is new, so please follow TSF :) They are our new partners and I hope we will have a good cooperation! :)

P.S. Sry for not posting :/ - But I'm giving my best to work on a blog! :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Miss Stardoll World - Finalists Chosen!

Yes..The finalists of the primar countries have been chosen! Buut - Gues what? The girls from other countries have a chance too! There is a Wildcard competition for ALL girls from ALL coutries soo be prepared , cause you might be the one to go on Miss Stardoll World Competition.. Also - The Next Year ALL countries will be able to compete like the primar ones! Good luck,girls & boys! (Did you know?We have one boy in MSW Finalists Team )

Click to enlarge the picture.. ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not again ://

Well yes.. You know that big mess when you end up in Callie's suite? It started again! Grr. I'm really angry.. I guess it's because all this "royality" updating..

Hope they'll fix it soon...


Stardoll Royality?

You see? ^^ There is a blue diamond for the girls who made it ti stardoll royality I gues..

What do you think? Will it stay like this?

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Some spoilers for these days:

Looks cute.. Opinons?♥

10-10-10 Message!

One or two days ago we all got this message...

So what do you think?

I think stardoll has realized that it should do something nice for its members!

I can't wait!
And btw..

DON'T FORGET TO MAKE A WISH ON 10.10.2010 on 10:10!!!

Free Dove Fresh Items!

If you're not from the USA:

Go to:
and log-in to stardoll!

Anja | AnjaAngel♥

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Opera Mystery spoilers

These are Opera Mystery spoilers.. And also there is one
cute little fairy as play & earn October reward!

AnjaAngel | Anja♥

Free One Day Items!

So I was searching something around stardoll and I saw this contest (click on picture to see better ^^) You need to go to: and these items will be in your suite! Nice, huh?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

HB's Earrings - OUT! :))

In one of our previous posts one of my co-ownner of this blog & also a Best Friend & Writer - AnjaAngel has wrote a post about October HB's! so one of them are out now! That are Hotbuys Skull Earings - Cost only 6 $!
I think these earrings are OK ,but they're not my style..I don't know - They kinda remind me of time when the Pirathes were sailing the oceans of the world... Your Opinions?

Free Beauty & Beast rose

You get this just by logging in if you live in the US.

If you are not from the US you will need a web proxy. Try boratproxy or

The rose will be in a box in your suite.

An Opera Mystery Key.. ?

Well today - when I logged in I got 3 gift boxes with masks on them! Because of the previous post of one of my friends & writers of a blog -AnjaAngel-who wrote a post about this Opera Mystery (Click HERE to read it) I knew that it was an Opera Key! So I clicked on two of three boxes & I got 2 gifts:When I tried to open a third box which looked like this:I got a NOTE:
Have you got this too? PLease inform me if you did! Thanks! :))
Ruzicanstvena ;D

Monday, October 4, 2010


Well I guess stardoll made a change.. Just one little change.. You see:

Now here's DECOR too.. Well it look nice. What do you think?!
And also.. There's a change in messages..

You see that under every notification is Delete button ^^ I get them too much so I won't delet them xD But anyway.. It looks better.


October HotBuys!

So the HB's for October arrived (i mean on the picture xD) And I absolutely love them.
They are all very Łady and Pretty♥

Do you like them? Will you buy some?
I know I will♥

Anja | AnjaAngel

Hm...? Opera Mystery?

Confused right now.. Today we all got this box in our suites.
(thanks to USD for pictures ;) )

And you can't open it ;o When you try, this message pops up:

I guess it says that we should try to open it tomorrow and to find the missing key.
:S Weird. Stardoll is being really mysterious lately. Don't you think so?



New Store- WiLd CaNdY

I went to starplaza to see what's new and I saw that new store arrived. It's called Wild Candy. Cute name xP Anyway.. Here are the pictures:

It's great! And by "great" I mean it's all non-SS.
Do you like it? And will you buy something?


Sunday, October 3, 2010

MK New Clothes Line & Story getting a Big Mystery!

Yepp - Well first, sorry for not-posting about MK (Mortal Kiss-The Online Reading Adventure On Stardoll - Still a Biig Mystery ;D) even if I 've promissed that I will. So here is a post after a while,but a worth one :) As you all know - New Clothing Line has arrived in MK Store at StarPlaza! I really like theem! ( I'm wearing an outfit made of MK Clothes at the New Banner! ;) ) Also the MK Story is getting a progress! But a Big Mystery still remains unsolved! I guess we'll have to read every single Chapter (For now there are 35 of them!) o find out what's happening ,but I determined to get all our 'clues' 'til now so we can together figure out this hall mystery thingy!
*A dead man(unidentified) found in the woods
*An unknown cause of his death
*Things found at his body - his belongings :
-A picture of one pretty woman which looks like Faye (The Main Character)
-One small knife with an engraved picture of a wolf
*The Morrow's - Famous Celebrity Mercy Morrow comes to a town Winter Mill with her son-Lucas
*New Encounters of the Winter Mill - A Gang of bikers called 'Black Dogs'
*Lucas notices something strange in his mother's favourite mirror - like a shadow moving so quickly from one to another side of mirror
*Lucas had found a strange leather jacket with a crest od 'Black Dogs' & the same picture of an old woman who looks like Faye..Then Ballard comes & he is somehow involved to all this wof thingy
*At the Mall - Faye sees a strange woman in the mirror as she tries to pick the best outfit for Candi's party
*A Mysterious Man in The Shadows which wathces & spies the girls
*The same picture of an unknown woman who looks like Faye at Finn's
*Faye gets chaced by wolves in the woods
*After some time,Liz & Faye went to investigate woods & see what's going on there..They found:
-A big paw prints in the snow - Bigger than Dog's probably by a wolf
-Much of hair samples
-A knife that Liz found.but didn't tell her friend about it
*After finishing their little investigation they got a puncture & Ballard who passed by stopped & helped them..
*When Liz got home her father -Sgt Wilson was acting strangely..He was staring in the mirror & looked at a shadow wich was moving very quickley from one to another side of a mirror
*Faye is determined to write a piece for Winter MIll High about what they have discovered in the woods,but something strange happpenes with her teacher Ms Finch - She just stares in the computer screen & looks conceived & hipnothized
*Mercy Morrow had a heated & mysterious argument with Faye's aunt - Pam
*Jimmy was walking to home when he was chaced by wolves through the woods..The last thing he saw was a pair of black boots approaching him..The same day Jimmy haven't got back home & police determines he is missing..
There is probably more & if I missed something feel free to add some clues in comments! Hope you liked it! Soon there will be another clues review! I mean - the book has over 300 pages! ;D
Hm... 25% Extra stardollars? Here's the message we all got today:

What do you think? I don't actually understand it. But I think it's available only in USA & Canada. Hmm,...?


♥ New Banners ♥

Haii. I made our new, long-waited banners. They sure aren't perfect but they aren't bad either. I hope you guys like them ;)

So here are them! ^^ Those are our new banners. I'll probably change them soon.. It depends from my mood and time. Anyway.. I hope you guys like them! See ya.


Saturday, October 2, 2010


I was really suprised to see this..I mean - positively suprised! :)
Look at the 'Hottest Right Now' from Designs!Wow! I like it too much!❤ It's soo lady & elegant! Congratulations Aisha_0! :))

Spotlight on : Ladycamille..

Sorry for all those not-posting thing..You know yourself-the school & bla,bla,bla..
So I was determined to be online & post as much as I can on this blog cause I don't wanna lose it.. One of our posts- Spotlight! Today's Spotlight goes to one of the girls woth supercool suite - Ladycamille .. I ike her suites cause they're beautiful & also very simple & interesting..She does have a talent forr decorating - that's for sure! Visit her (by clicking on her name :)) Hope you liked it..Soon - Your new Stardoll Interview! :)Ruzicanstvena ❤