Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free Extra Stardollars

WoW! It's great offer! Be quick untill it runs out!

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Endangered Animal Spoiler

New Endangered Animal Spoiler.. What is this even? o.O :P I'm not good at knowing animals.. Specially in those which are in this cathegory...

Anyway.. Do you like it? And if you know what is this tell us (actaully, tell me)..

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New floor in LE

Well I guess whole LE is now relesed. :O I've expected more from autumn collection. :(

But what can we do.. Do you like it?

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Fashion Trick! :)

Heloo :) It's me-again :D Your Style Guide! I already gave you some tips about buying things in StarPlaza Archive... Did you like it?
So, now I'm gonna try to learn you one trick which is very usefull..

Remember- EVERYTHING is available for non-ss :)

First, go to the well known "Stardoll" Store in StarPlaza..On the 4th page you'll find one Black Skirt.. It costs only 4 $
& it looks like this :

It's very practical & you can wear it with almost everything you want + it's very cheap,so i suggest you to buy it..

Then, go to StarPlaza's Store called "Basics" .. It is an ordinary & classical store,but in there you can find a lot of interesting things which you can combinate with everything to wear :)
There are a lot of colorful Tops there & you can pick whatever color you want...

They are cheap (only 3 $ ) & you shall buy it .. I picked out the white one :)

After that , go to the Search button & pick out :
Black (color)- Shoes(piece of clothes) - Stardoll (brand)
You'll find them at 1st page :

They cost a little more ( 5 $) , but belive me - they are worth of it :)

We have everything for the perfect outfit - The Top,The Skirt,The Shoes-
But we missed something - Accessorize ;D
So , go to "Bisou" .. On the 3rd page you'll find
a perfect accessorize - Black leather Bow Belt :
It costs 4 $ and it really is a Perfect accessorize which
will be usefull to you-anytime :)

And FINALLY , you'll look like this :

So , now you see that you can look GREAT with just a little bit of creativity and your imagination! :)

Did you like it?
Tell me in comments! :D

Fashion Tips :)

So, as most of you know , there is a store in Starplaza that is called StarPlaza Archive!
Starplaza Archive is a GREAT way to save your money! :)
For example- There is a "Ruffled Slip Dress" [Pretty in Pink] which costs only 3 $ in StarPlaza Archive! :)
Also, the famous Patchwork Bag which is well known as a veery expensive "rare" on Stardoll ,know costs only 7 $ !Look at the stuff you can buy in StarPlaza Archive for only 16 $ - Including :
-Patchwork Bag (7 $)
-Ruffled Slip Dress (3 $)
-Cross-Body Bag (4 $)
-Plated pleather belt ( 2 $)
Total : 16 $ ! ! !

Free Vase w/ Tulips

Just go to the:

And buy it! It costs 0$. :D

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Hello :D

Hey guys, sorry for not posting for a few days... I was busy and I was getting ready for school. So today I'll start doing presentation guide. I hope I'll help you in making presentations. And another "Must See Suites" post is on it's way! So get ready :D

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Monday, August 30, 2010

JcpTeen new items :)

After LE collestion,
new items came again in starplaza..
JcpTeen This time..
Some of them're non superstar clothes, But expensive I think ..
I love it.. wbu?


For the lovers of RL Brand Limited Edition - This is a real treat!
It's veeeery expensive- But poeple- It's LE!
1st floor is out - I'm guessing that it'll be more & you can find more at Search in StarPlaza!
Don't forget- Everything's limited! :)P.s. Enjoy!
UPDATE: One pair of Socks & Black Boots [LE] is for Non-ss!!! Another Stardoll mistake?!!

Free Saturday's Dress! :)

It's me-again! ;D
So, here is how to get free Saturdays Dress:
Click HERE
& simply participate in the Competition by dressing up the doll and saving it! :)

It should be in your suite! :)

Free Elizabeth & James Dress + Shoes!

1. Go to : proxyhideout.com
2.Type "Stardoll.com" in URL bar
3.Log In to Stardoll
4. Paste following link in the url bar of the proxy server:
http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=556 It should be in your suite!

Credit to : The stardoll Insiders

UPDATE: This dress has been one of the "rares" on Stardoll,so make sure you have it in your suite! Stardoll gives us the oportunity to have it FREE ,but it's not far to the ones who really paid for it [ & it was a good price!] .. IT IS AVAILABLE ONLY UNTIL 8th OCTOBER-HURRY!

HB's Shoes !

So, new Hb's Shoes are in StarPlaza! ;D
Here is the Stardoll Version:

And here is The Real Life Version at H&M :

They cost only 8 Stardollars ,but they are just for Superstars!
What do you think? ;)

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Click on picture to see better!!!!!

Well, I visited Prelepisima and I saw this!!! It's really weird, and I don't know what is stardoll going to look like for few months if it continues being so weird.. :o

Love ya, AnjaAngel ♥

New RC!

CC is another RC (RealCeleb) on stardoll! Click HERE to visit her suite!

More about her:

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Stardoll and the city- shopping pose ;)

IF you're SuperStar,
IF you wanna this shopping pose ,
if you wanna to pay for this 4 sd..
Just click -here-
To get them in you designing room :D

Do you like them.. ?..
I like.. I'll buy ;)

Stardoll & The City is OUT !

Seems like it isn't Dior Tribute like some said.. ;D
But it sure is Glamurous and Fabulous like the 4 Girls from the "Sex & The City" !
It has 4 floors ,but don't hope too much - It's expensive :S

So, happy shopping! But just to say- They're veery expensive..There is NOTHING under 10 $!
Prices are : from 10 $ - 40 $!

Dior is coming to Stardoll definitely

Look what did I found in Spoilers:

Christian Dior Dress!

Now I'm sure Dior is coming to Stardoll

AnjaAngel ♥


OMG! Dior is coming to Stardoll! Look at todays spoiler got:

New Dior Shop is on its way to Stardoll? What do you think?
Btw. that shirt is the same one that Sarah Jessica Parker[also known as Carrie Bradshaw] wore!

There are a lot more at Spoilers! Everything from the famous "Sex & The City" !
Dior Tribute [as some say] is coming SOON!
Here are some "Stardoll & The City" Shopping Bags:

"Stardoll & The City" Picture credit to: SMW!
Any thoughts? ;D

Must See Suites- princebobbob

Yeah, soo you remember when I told ya that I'm gonna post some must see suites?
Well, it's time. I decided to post and show you one amazing suite from:princebobbob
You have probably heard for her; She was in Stardoll Magazin in selection Must See Suites.
That was earlier this year. So to visit her click HERE because you absolutely need to see those unbelievable rooms.
Here are some rooms of her suite:
The rest you'll see when you visit her.
So do you like her suite?

It would be stupid to say no.
But everyone has his opinon.

AnjaAngel | Anja