Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fashion Trick! :)

Heloo :) It's me-again :D Your Style Guide! I already gave you some tips about buying things in StarPlaza Archive... Did you like it?
So, now I'm gonna try to learn you one trick which is very usefull..

Remember- EVERYTHING is available for non-ss :)

First, go to the well known "Stardoll" Store in StarPlaza..On the 4th page you'll find one Black Skirt.. It costs only 4 $
& it looks like this :

It's very practical & you can wear it with almost everything you want + it's very cheap,so i suggest you to buy it..

Then, go to StarPlaza's Store called "Basics" .. It is an ordinary & classical store,but in there you can find a lot of interesting things which you can combinate with everything to wear :)
There are a lot of colorful Tops there & you can pick whatever color you want...

They are cheap (only 3 $ ) & you shall buy it .. I picked out the white one :)

After that , go to the Search button & pick out :
Black (color)- Shoes(piece of clothes) - Stardoll (brand)
You'll find them at 1st page :

They cost a little more ( 5 $) , but belive me - they are worth of it :)

We have everything for the perfect outfit - The Top,The Skirt,The Shoes-
But we missed something - Accessorize ;D
So , go to "Bisou" .. On the 3rd page you'll find
a perfect accessorize - Black leather Bow Belt :
It costs 4 $ and it really is a Perfect accessorize which
will be usefull to you-anytime :)

And FINALLY , you'll look like this :

So , now you see that you can look GREAT with just a little bit of creativity and your imagination! :)

Did you like it?
Tell me in comments! :D

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  1. Hahhah :d Ovako sam se ja oblaciiLa jedno vrijeme ;D

    ShejLa ♥