Sunday, October 3, 2010

MK New Clothes Line & Story getting a Big Mystery!

Yepp - Well first, sorry for not-posting about MK (Mortal Kiss-The Online Reading Adventure On Stardoll - Still a Biig Mystery ;D) even if I 've promissed that I will. So here is a post after a while,but a worth one :) As you all know - New Clothing Line has arrived in MK Store at StarPlaza! I really like theem! ( I'm wearing an outfit made of MK Clothes at the New Banner! ;) ) Also the MK Story is getting a progress! But a Big Mystery still remains unsolved! I guess we'll have to read every single Chapter (For now there are 35 of them!) o find out what's happening ,but I determined to get all our 'clues' 'til now so we can together figure out this hall mystery thingy!
*A dead man(unidentified) found in the woods
*An unknown cause of his death
*Things found at his body - his belongings :
-A picture of one pretty woman which looks like Faye (The Main Character)
-One small knife with an engraved picture of a wolf
*The Morrow's - Famous Celebrity Mercy Morrow comes to a town Winter Mill with her son-Lucas
*New Encounters of the Winter Mill - A Gang of bikers called 'Black Dogs'
*Lucas notices something strange in his mother's favourite mirror - like a shadow moving so quickly from one to another side of mirror
*Lucas had found a strange leather jacket with a crest od 'Black Dogs' & the same picture of an old woman who looks like Faye..Then Ballard comes & he is somehow involved to all this wof thingy
*At the Mall - Faye sees a strange woman in the mirror as she tries to pick the best outfit for Candi's party
*A Mysterious Man in The Shadows which wathces & spies the girls
*The same picture of an unknown woman who looks like Faye at Finn's
*Faye gets chaced by wolves in the woods
*After some time,Liz & Faye went to investigate woods & see what's going on there..They found:
-A big paw prints in the snow - Bigger than Dog's probably by a wolf
-Much of hair samples
-A knife that Liz found.but didn't tell her friend about it
*After finishing their little investigation they got a puncture & Ballard who passed by stopped & helped them..
*When Liz got home her father -Sgt Wilson was acting strangely..He was staring in the mirror & looked at a shadow wich was moving very quickley from one to another side of a mirror
*Faye is determined to write a piece for Winter MIll High about what they have discovered in the woods,but something strange happpenes with her teacher Ms Finch - She just stares in the computer screen & looks conceived & hipnothized
*Mercy Morrow had a heated & mysterious argument with Faye's aunt - Pam
*Jimmy was walking to home when he was chaced by wolves through the woods..The last thing he saw was a pair of black boots approaching him..The same day Jimmy haven't got back home & police determines he is missing..
There is probably more & if I missed something feel free to add some clues in comments! Hope you liked it! Soon there will be another clues review! I mean - the book has over 300 pages! ;D

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