Sunday, November 14, 2010

MSW - Finalists & Wildcard Winners CHOSEN! Voting is in progress..

Yepp..Now is the time when we are going to choose one who shall be the Glamurous Miss Stardoll World ! You have all right to choose the one who you like best - Buut be careful you can vote only once & you should choose wisely! :) Click here to vote!
Also , there are 6 Wildcard winners :
Mikakika2 (Lebranon)
Kiara276(Puerto Rico)
Hip-4ever (Croatia)
-Isa.- (Argentina)
0866Linda (Ecuador)
& The Miss 18 Countries:
Miss Poland - Dorotka27
Miss Sweden - Polly9700
Miss Portugal - filipinhamaria
MissGreece - Bella5_5Edward
Miss USA - csara123
Miss Turkey - perilice2
Miss Saudi Arabia - Booom
Miss Brazil - decoddy
Miss France - Miss--kate--93
Miss UK - beamy
Miss Germany - Bluelagoon02
Miss Spain - IsabelBelluci
Miss Finland - DjMango
Miss Australia - Littlejessica
Miss Italy - dj6m
Miss Russia - AvrilkaTH13
Miss Netherlands - lautjuhxXxgek
Miss Ireland - rosinim12345

Good Luck to all those Misses!
Do you have a favourite? :D I do - I like Miss Greece.. But that's just my opinion..
Anyway, you shall vote one of these girls cause they're amazing & they deserve the place where they stand ;)
PS : Voting closes at 9th December , so take your time :)

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