Thursday, September 23, 2010

CG or CG? - A Biig Question!

A Boy OR a GirL? - Today's CoverGIRL's : pychu_06 ..
At first I thought : A boy won a CoverGIRLship & then I went to his/her suite there was NO info about his/her sex..
Also in GB of our CG/CB there are lots of questions like this :
But there is something that reveals who he/she is..Well ,at least I think there is..
I looked at his Beauty Parlor & seen that his/her Me Doll has a MALE face .. Also the body of a doll is MALE...
And one more thing..In his 'QuickFacts' thingy there is a picture of Zac Effron..So I guess we can conclude that his/her MeDoll IS a Boy..But we can never reveal who is sitting in the computer chair & playing with a Male account.. A Boy or a Girl? It's a question that can stay mistery forever..Unless he/she reveals to us who he/she really is..

& As I always do..when I research the CG things-I looked at tha Top Broadcasters.. I won't tell you who wa the TOP one.. You can see that yourself:
I guess that's it..We have our CB (CoverBoy) - Mistery SOLVED!
P.S. What do you think of that?

Ruzicanstvena's Researches ;D

Soon - New posts about StardollRares :)

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