Saturday, September 18, 2010

Leaving Stardoll ?!

Today I found this in Miss_LolitaF's presentation :

If you didn't heard of her (Miss_LolitaF - click on her name to go to her suite) she was the owner of famous BBS (Big Brother Stardoll) project & owner of a blog : .. In fact she was very successful! She had everything,but still she decided to leave Stardoll..
"Today I decided to leave Stardoll, I am leaving because I want to foccus more on my life, my school, my family, my friends and not on Stardoll which is very addicting" - those are her words saying why she left Stardoll in a post on her blog (TSS).. Very sad ,but true..Some day we will all have to leave Stardoll cause we'll have to grow up & live our life beside this Virtual one..
Until then ,
Have fun & Make New Friendships & don't think about the future too soon,
Life is NOW!

Ruzicanstvena ;)

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