Sunday, September 19, 2010

CG twice? - Countinued Research!

Has anyone every done that in Stardoll CG History? As I know - NO!
At first I taught: " It must be some Stardoll Glitch or something - Again!
But then I saw this :Ok it's not day-after-day,but it still is 2010-09-17- 2010-09-19 ! For two days - flomachine - The apsolutely AMAZING girl with unique ,fashionable & different style has won a CG 1st Place! In the past posts I determined that she hasn't been sending broadcasts & won her ladyship cause of that! She won it on proper & honest way ,so today I checked broadcasts AGAIN & I didn't find anything - NO her name , neither once!She even wrote this in her presentation : "Thank you all! *_* " Really deserved to be a Covergirl even twice! :) Cograts ! (:

Ruzicanstvena's Researches :)
Hope you liked it!


  1. Yeah well in help stardoll says that someone can be CG twice.. I guess this girl was really really lucky..

  2. i don't like look . suite 5/5
    btw,she isn't first at CG twice . there were girls who won CG 2 days in row